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Europe is in severe accuse with become loose betwe









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Case of illness of diagnose of European new coronal is climbed 13 days litre reach 883273, die 79453, most country continues slight on the curve that puts delay. Although epidemic situation is slight only,put delay, hope the sound that returns to normal society life begins to appear, the government is continueing to father accuse with become loose moderately between have balance, choice.
Domestic home has classics of this degree of tightness
Dragon of French president mark publishs televised speech 13 days to say, adopt for epidemic situation of new coronal of keep within limits " ban sufficient your " will lengthen to on May 11. After this France will accuse act to undertake adjustment to be being prevented partly, nursery school and middle and primary school will inspect a circumstance to term begins in succession after May 11, but college opening date will be deferred to September, young group of easy infection system still should abide by limitation to give a measure.
13 days, serious illness case of illness of Italy drops the 10th day continuously. Italian infrastructure and Demikaili of traffic head of a department say, whether by " seal a city " transfer the 2nd phase of critical condition, the proposal that will offer according to technology and scientific committee by administration decides. After entering the 2nd phase, the Italian may implement wrong peak system going to work, especially public sector.
The British diplomacy chancellery that writings brush on behalf of premier abdicate handles concerned work about pulls cloth to express, british government predicts to won't adjust current requirement to maintain in this week " social distance " wait for epidemic prevention measure.
German accumulative total cures case load 12 days to exceed existent case load first. German country academy of sciences submits a report 13 days, proposal Germany loosens existing limitation measure stage by stage conditionally, countrywide school according to grade progressively resume classes, orgnaization of retail trade, government, business trip also can fall to restore gradually in certain premise, but emphasize " epidemic situation of keep within limits develops quickly still is first job " .
Austrian Ministry of Public Health grows the Bell that bring the first day of the lunar month 13 days to say, austria will be entered since 14 days " local security is unlocked " fight epidemic disease the 2nd phase, the small-sized shop that business area does not exceed 400 square metre, factory that build a car, building materials is horticultural the market recoverable do business, counterjumper and client beard are abided by strictly adorn guaze mask, carry the provision such as the distance.
Irish sanitation minister cheats · Harris 13 days to say on the west, before finding effective treatment method or vaccine, the limitative measure such as social distance will become the new normal state in the life.
Commission of Belgian state safety will at 15 days of to sit a meeting, whether does the decision extend an executive deadline that bans measure.
Be in Denmark, government " resume classes of go back to work " the plan suffers boycott. According to the plan that Fuleizelikesen announces premier before this, day care center, nursery school and school 0 will be opened afresh at 15 days to 5 grade or resume classes. But at least 29 municipal government announce, because of school the relevant preventive measure that just cannot finish a government on time to ask with the orgnaization, afore-mentioned " resume classes " the plan will be deferred to come on April 20. On gregarious media, 40 thousand parents object a government letting low age children above all the decision of resume classes.
Adopt severity earlier to prevented the Albania government that accuses measure to come on stage stricter ban full measure on the weekend, regulation from this week 5 afternoon 5 when come 30 minutes early on Monday 5 when, all citizens are uniform forbid to go out, the person that violate will be overcome 10 thousand times by amerce (add up to 609 yuan of RMBs about) .
Pressure of the people's livelihood increases
Bureau of statistic of polish country debt releases findings report 13 days to say, the Polack of 39% alleges their individual saving can maintain 3 months bread again only, amount to the employee of polish medium and small businesses of 78% to already was faced with likely by the announcement unemployed risk.
Saierweiya's president Wu Qi surprises to also expressed a few days ago, when does the expert remove the decision the country is urgent condition, but affirmation won't be too late, because the country needs,restart economy.
Arrange of Swedish nation meet an urgent need emphasizes, suffer besides medical treatment system outside inflicting heavy losses on, most economy branch also is affected by new coronal epidemic situation. Because personnel shortage, goods and materials lays in inadequacy and content to flow,interrupt, agriculture, the sources of energy and electric power are supplied may be challenged.
Wave is black medium and small businesses suffers new coronal epidemic situation to sink to be hit again, wave is black one of two substance confederative parliament announces Mu Ke 13 days, all assemblyman reduces salary, in order to show the determination with people share happiness and woe.
Europe needs China
13 days, the goods and materials of medical treatment epidemic prevention that Cyprus imports from China alleviated this country measures try out to taste in short supply situation. Begin from this week, cyprus government will have the 20 thousand person that transmits risk place job to undertake new coronal virus detects to waiting in the supermarket.
Goods and materials of the 2nd batch of 10 tons of several medical treatment that Keluodeya purchases from China transfer capital Sa case 12 days to strap cloth, with machine 3.7 tons of first arrival goods and materials that still Chinese government is donated. It is reported, the near future still wears know exactly about sth freight private plane to carry non-stop flight to of medical treatment goods and materials to overcome Luodeya from China.
Xi Yaer of Hungarian minister of foreign affairs holds 13 days in the palm to say on gregarious media, 6 planes that are fully loaded with epidemic prevention goods and materials arrive at Budapest smoothly that day, they part to come from Chinese Beijing and Shanghai carry guaze mask, glove and defend take etc. (write reporter: Zhang Xiuzhi; Participate in a reporter: Chen Chen, Chen Zhanjie, Home Zhang Wei, Tian Ying, Yu Tao, Shi Zhongyu, Pan Geping, Zhang Qi, Jiang Xue, Lin Jing, Zhang Yadong, Chen Xu

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